New Filters for Token Alerts

Scopechat's latest update also includes the debut of more filter options for the Pro-exclusive Token Alerts dashboard. These additional filters empower Scopechat Pro users to set more customized signals, giving them a major edge in their trading strategies.

Here are the newly added filters on Token Alerts:

  • Token Holder Change Signal: Notifies you when the number of holders of your tracked crypto token has changed by a certain percentage in the past 24 hours.

  • VC Position Change Signal: Informs you when the venture capital (VC) positions in a certain token change over the past 24 hours.

  • Whale Transaction Alert: Notifies you when there is a major transaction on your tracked token. You can set the minimum amount that qualifies as a whale transaction for your signal.

  • DEX Buy/Sell Volume Signal: Alerts you when the net buy or net sell amount on DEXes in the last hour is higher than the weekly average.

  • Token News Summary: Notifies when there is relevant news related to the token in the last hour.

  • KOL Token Calls: Informs you when at least 1 KOL has a post about your tracked token that has accumulated a significant amount of views in the last hour.

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