Alongside the creation of Scopechat, 0xScope also introduced a new Scopepoints system that aims to do the following:

1. Encourage Scopechat users to complete tasks that will help spread awareness of Scopechat to more people.

Your Scopechat account comes with a profile page where you can see your earned Scopepoints earned, as well as the tasks that give you additional Scopepoints. For more details about these activities, please read the Scopepoints Tasks and Referral Program guides.

2. Expedite the process of strengthening Scopechat through user-generated suggestions and bug reports.

During the launch of Scopechat beta, early adopters are encouraged to provide the 0xScope team with constructive feedback on the product. Users who proactively provide feedback regarding Scopechat will be rewarded with bonus Scopepoints, which will unlock future opportunities within the 0xScope ecosystem.

Scopepoints will have versatile uses in the future, including but not limited to redeeming services for our advanced products, participating in Alpha group trade opportunity shares, offsetting fees for potential AI trading tools we may launch, and potential tie-ins with token plans. We hope these diverse possibilities will encourage your deeper involvement, enabling us to grow and explore together.

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