🗺 General

1. What is Scopechat? What can Scopechat do?

Scopechat is a new Web3 AI-powered personal assistant that provides real-time data and insights on any crypto-related question. Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered assistant for crypto users of all levels, from beginner to expert.

Backed by 0xScope's wide-coverage, high-quality data warehouse, AI-driven algorithm, and the power of LLM, Scopechat leverages public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in. With Scopechat, users can get access to real-time Web3 data and insights from just one AI assistant, without needing to switch between multiple apps to check relevant information.

📚 Scopechat Guide: https://docs.scopechat.ai/

2. Will you issue a token?

Value for the community comes before anything else. We need to deliver a great product that changes the way people look for information, making their lives easier. Everything else will follow.

3. Is there any news channel about 0xScope I can subscribe to?

Yes, you can subscribe to our Telegram news channel to receive the latest updates: 0xscope News. Also, our Discord announcement channel is here: 0xScope announcement

4. I am a media journalist; I would like to write about your project.

Please reach out to us via X, Telegram, or Discord with information about your news outlet, and we will review it and get back to you soon.

5. For quest campaigns, why can't I verify when I complete the tasks? (The button doesn't work)

Quest campaign websites sometimes experience congestion; please try at different times and with different browsers.

✍🏻 Scopechat

1. Which blockchains are Scopechat supporting right now?

Scopechat currently supports on-chain data from the following blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, Optimism, Avalanche, Mantle, Lines, zkSync Era, Blast, and Ronin. In addition, Scopechat's AI-powered algorithm supports data from all blockchains for some basic questions.

2. When do I get my points after I submit feedback?

Scopepoints for feedback will be awarded based on the importance of your feedback, how fast the contributor was to give the feedback (compared to other users who gave the same feedback), and how accurate the feedback was. Points will appear in the user's account once the feedback has been addressed and verified by the 0xScope team. The contributors will also receive an email notifying them about the Scopepoints received.

3. What happens after the Scopechat Beta phase?

Scopechat went through its beta phase on December 12, 2023. After an extensive period of including product enhancements and addressing early users' feedback, we made Scopechat available to the public on January 16, 2024.

4. Is Scopechat available on Mobile?

Yes, Scopechat's website functions properly on any mobile web browser. Just go to ai.0xscope.com on your mobile browser and add it to your home screen, For more details, please refer to the Mobile App guide.

5. Do you have a Scopechat tutorial?

Of course, here is your Scopechat Guide:


Also, here are some videos to help you get a better understanding of Scopechat:


6. How many questions can Scopechat users ask per day?

Right now, each registered Scopechat user can ask up to 25 questions per week. Each user can choose to consume their Scopechat response credits all in a day, or distribute the allocation for each day of the week.

Non-registered users can access Scopechat for free but are limited to just three questions.

🤩 Scopepoints

1. What can I do with Scopepoints?

Every person who interacts with Scopechat can receive Scopepoints. These points will be used to determine your contribution to the growth of the 0xScope ecosystem. Starting from next month, users will also be able to use Scopepoints to purchase 0xScope Products and Services and unlock premium features on Scopechat.

2. How to gain Scopepoints? What are the maximum points?

Join the Telegram group to earn 2 points, join Discord for 2 more points, and finish the Galxe quest for 2 additional points. Referring each person earns you 2 points, with a maximum of 10 referrals for 20 points. In addition, users who use a referral code when they sign up can gain 2 more Scopepoints.

5. Can I earn Scopepoints by providing feedback? How many Scopepoints can I get through feedback?

Yes. To encourage more Scopechat users to provide feedback, we are offering bonus Scopepoints for users who have sent detailed comments and suggestions that helped the team resolve issues about the service. The Scopepoints to be given as a reward for user feedback will be at the discretion of the 0xScope team.

1. Can I have unlimited referrals? I am a KOL.

If you're a KOL, please send a direct message with all the information and links to your social media accounts and channels to @fit2chelsie (Telegram) or @chelsie_0.0 (Discord). Our team will review your details and get back to you.

2. I am an ambassador and I was thinking of marketing your product. What’s in it for me?

Limits for referrals and Scopepoints are higher for KOLs as they are verified individuals with a bigger audience. Once you have registered you should send a message to @fit2chelsie(Telegram) or @chelsie_0.0(Discord) with the email you used.

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