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The Global Alerts feature on the Token Alerts page allows users to get daily notifications on trending tokens to trade, using user-defined criteria on a selection of crypto signals, updates, and metrics. Users will be notified when specified signals appear, without constantly having to check trading signals across multiple tokens. This feature is exclusive to Scopechat Pro subscribers. To create Global Alerts, navigate to Scopechat's Token Alerts page by clicking 'Token Alerts' in the left panel. Then choose any of the 7 Global Alerts categories available. You can also set multiple Global Alerts simultaneously.

What are the 7 Options for Global Alerts

1. AI Score Alert. Receive token recommendations based on the latest AI-generated scores from Scopechat.

2. Trending Narrative Alert. Get the top trending narratives with their main tokens based on their 24H growth.

3. X (Twitter) Sentiment Score Alert. Receive token recommendations based on the top X (Twitter) sentiment score.

4. Smart Money is Buying Alert. Receive token recommendations based on recent buying activity by Smart Money addresses over the past hour.

5. Fundraising Token Alerts. Receive token recommendations based on the latest fundraising news.

6. Token Listing Alerts. Receive token recommendations based on the latest centralized exchange listing news.

7. Security Incident Alerts. Receive a notification of which tokens have been related to security incidents lately.

How to Create Global Alerts

1. Go to the Token Alerts page, then choose one of the 7 options available. For this example, we will use the AI Score Alert. Click the "+" button on the "Based on AI Score" option to start.

  1. Each Global Alert category comes with its own set of parameters that you can customize for the type and frequency of alerts you want to get. For example, here are the parameters for AI Score Alerts.

  2. Once you have set the details needed for the alert, you need to choose where to receive the alerts. For specific instructions on how to set up Telegram and Discord alerts, check the following guides: Telegram | Discord

  3. Click 'Apply' to complete your Global Alert setup.

  1. You can see the list of Global Alerts that you have created on the upper right part of the interface. To change settings on a Global Alert, click the settings button for that Global Alert.

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