Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered assistant for crypto traders and users of all levels, from beginner to expert.

Desktop Version

Desktop Version

On desktop, the Scopechat homepage is divided into two sections:

  1. The Menu panel, which is on the left part of the screen. This panel gives you access to functions and settings.

    1. Features such as Trading Assistant, Discover, AI Trading Signals, and Account Settings (to be opened by clicking your username) are located at the Menu panel's upper part.

    2. Meanwhile, the lower part of the panel contains other functions such as Scopechat Pro upgrades, Guide, Feedback, and the Scopepoint Center. It also has buttons that lead you to 0xScope's Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels, plus the toggle for switching between Light and Dark modes. In addition, the Download App button for creating a mobile phone shortcut for Scopechat is also featured in this part of the panel.

  2. The chat space, which is on the right part of the screen when you select the Trading Assistant feature. This section also displays

Mobile Version

On mobile, you will see the chat space displayed on your screen, as well as tabs for the New Chat, Discover, AI Signals, and Profile features at the bottom. To see the Menu panel, click the Menu button at the top-right part of your screen.

What Can You Ask on Scopechat

Here's a non-exhaustive list of question categories that you can try on Scopechat.

  1. Crypto trading questions

Find the latest alpha on Web3 trading by using Scopechat to display the top investments from the best-performing entities. (e.g. “What is smart money buying right now?”)

  1. Web3 project information

Get a comprehensive overview of all relevant information about any crypto project. (e.g. “Tell me more about friend.tech.”)

  1. Crypto token news and data

See the latest market trends and events regarding the crypto assets that you hold. (e.g. “Can you tell me relevant news about token XYZ?”)

  1. Alerts and notifications

Set notifications to get the Web3 information you need on a real-time basis. (e.g. “Notify me when smart money addresses are buying new tokens.”)

  1. VC/Whale portfolio tracking

Look into the latest money movements from high-value institutions and entities in Web3. (e.g. “Show me the current holdings of A16z.”)

  1. Web3 data visualization

Let Scopechat plot charts for you. Get visual representations of interconnections between addresses, money flows, and other Web3 activities. (e.g. “Give me updates about the Unibot hack.”)

  1. Crypto-related news

Stay informed of the recent events surrounding Web3, without jumping from website to website. (e.g. “Show me the latest news about Bitcoin ETFs.”)Note: As with any AI-powered assistant, Scopechat becomes more effective with each instance which it receives questions from its users. In this early stage of the product, we encourage all users to send relevant feedback for any inconsistencies, bugs, or suggestions that you have in mind for Scopechat. Consult our User Feedback guide for a detailed list of instructions on how to send feedback.

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