🛠️Modify a Token Alert

A newly-added Token Alert features a pre-determined set of rules that define when you will receive an alert about a specific token. You can change these rules by modifying your Token Alert, and here's how to do that.

  1. On the Token Alerts page, select the Settings button (shown below) for the listed token in your feed:

2. A pop-up window appears with the set of rules that you can change for your Token Signal. On top of this window, you can change the app you are using to receive Scopechat alerts. Depending on your new preference, choose Telegram or LinkedIn, then provide your Telegram/Discord account ID. To know the steps for searching that detail, please check the following guides: Telegram | Discord

  1. Next, you can modify any of the 12 settings provided in the pop-up window. You can choose to activate or deactivate these settings by clicking the switch for the corresponding setting. You can also modify the thresholds required to get an alert based on a specific setting.

To understand better how these settings work, here is a quick summary of what each option does for your Token Alert:

  • Token Price Change: Notifies you when the token price has changed by a certain percentage over the past hour.

  • Narrative Heat: Alerts you when the crypto narrative where your token belongs has experienced an increase/decrease in cumulative value in the past hour.

  • Funding Rate: Informs you when the perpetual funding rate of a token on the CEX where it has the largest trading volume is greater or less than a certain percentage.

  • Token Unlocks: Updates you about an upcoming token unlock event days before it happens.

  • CEX (Withdraw or Deposit): Notifies you when the CEX (centralized exchange) net inflow of a token in the past hour becomes greater than the average hourly net inflow over the last 7 days.

  • Smart Money Flows: Alerts you when Smart Money (highly profitable) addresses' net buy/sell volume of a token over the past hour is greater than the average hourly net buy/sell volume over the last 72 hours.

  • Holders Change: Notifies you when the number of holders of your tracked crypto token has changed by a certain percentage in the past 24 hours.

  • VC Position Changes: Informs you when the venture capital (VC) positions in a certain token change over the past 24 hours.

  • Whale Position Changes: Notifies you when there is a major transaction on your tracked token. You can set the minimum amount that qualifies as a whale transaction for your signal.

  • DEX Flows: Alerts you when the net buy or net sell amount on DEXes in the last hour is higher than the weekly average.

  • Trending News: Notifies when there is relevant news related to the token in the last hour.

  • KOL Calls: Informs you when at least 1 KOL has a post about your tracked token that has accumulated a significant amount of views in the last hour.

4. Once you have confirmed the details, click the Apply Changes button to confirm. You can also use the Reset to Default Settings button to restore the default settings.

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