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Scopescan User Guide and Documentation

This is a log of the latest fixes and improvements on Scopechat, updated regularly by the 0xScope team. Explore these changes at https://ai.0xscope.com/ see the enhancements for yourself.

Recent Updates

May 9, 2024

  • Added the Prompt Library and revamped the Search function for Token, Project, and Wallet/Entity on the Scopechat Trading Assistant interface.

  • Introduced the new Discover page, which includes the following token leaderboards: AI Score, KOL Calls, Top Gainers, Smart Money Top Buys, Trending Narratives, and VC Top Position Changes.

  • Launched the AI Score, an AI-generated token score based on an analysis of market trends, historical performance, on-chain transactions, and Twitter and news content. This score reflects the potential opportunity and risk of investing in the token within the next 24 hours.

  • Created the KOL Calls Leaderboard, which ranks crypto tokens based on social media sentiment and public interest.

  • Introduced the Event Trading Dashboard, which tracks the token's price movement over the past day, week, or month, complete with trackers for significant market events related to the token.

  • Added six new filters to the AI Trading Signals page: Token Holder Change Signal, VC Position Change Signal, Whale Transaction Alert, DEX Buy/Sell Volume Signal, Token News Summary, and KOL Token Calls.

February 23, 2024

  • Introduced the Scopechat Pro subscription model for a next-level AI-powered crypto trading experience. Membership plans are available for the following options: monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

  • Launched the Watchlist & Alerts feature for a more streamlined method of tracking your favorite crypto tokens. This feature gives timely alerts on the latest market moves related to Watchlist tokens.

  • Implemented major updates to its token dashboard feature. You can choose the types of dashboards that you want to see, based on the following trading strategies: Trend, Signal, Copy, & DEGEN Trading.

  • Introduced the Add Filter button to each of the token dashboards. You can use the Add Filter function to customize your table, by placing parameters such as blockchain, market cap, narrative, CEX, funding rate, and several more customizable indicators.

  • Integration with Discord and Telegram, specifically for setting notifications and alerts for tokens included in the Watchlist.

  • Launched a new registration/login process that allows users to register or sign in using Metamask, WalletConnect, or OKX Wallet.

  • Revamped the Scopechat user experience with a more optimized Menu panel for Scopechat features

  • Reformatted the referral and Scopepoints earning interfaces into the new Scopepoint Center feature.

  • Introduced the Account Settings feature, accessible through the username box on the Menu panel

  • Added the Selected filter(s) button to the chat sharing function, allowing users to customize which parts of the token report to include in the downloadable image for sharing.

January 16, 2024

  • Restructured Scopechat's Explore mode into the new Trading Assistant mode. Some of the existing features from the Explore mode were retained, with various enhancements to refine Scopechat's focus on providing support to traders.

  • Redesigned the user experience to deliver better support for users in their daily trading, in time for the upcoming bull market. This upgrade includes:

    • Landing Page: This page will start asking users about their target tokens for trading. Users who do not specify their target tokens will be shown dashboards that allow them to easily find new tokens to trade.

    • New dashboards, divided into four categories, depending on the trading preferences of Scopechat users:

      • High-Risk, High-Reward Trading (including Trending Tokens on DEXes, Gainers of the Day, etc.)

      • Medium- and Large-Cap Trading (Top Overall Trending Tokens, Top Trending Categories and Narratives, CEX Inflow and Outflow Rankings, etc.)

      • Blue Chip Trading (VCs' Top Position Changes, CEX Inflow and Outflow Rankings, etc.)

      • Whale Tracking and Copy Trading (Smart Money Top Performing Tokens, Top Buys and Sells, etc.)

  • Launched a new AI-powered trading analysis tool that generates a report of all the key metrics changes on tokens that users are interested in trading. This report includes bullish, neutral, and bearish metrics, giving users additional information to help them decide on their future trading plans.

  • Revamped the Token Summary feature, which now gives answers in the form of a text summary that covers all the main metrics and data points on any particular token. Data included in this token overview include token prices, holders, and a list of CEXes and DEXes where you can buy the asset.

  • Added a chat sharing function. Now, you can generate an image screenshot of your chats with Scopechat, complete with your referral code and QR. Download this image and share it on your social media accounts to promote Scopechat and get a chance to earn Scopepoints.

December 22, 2023

  • Scopechat now supports inquiries about the Bitcoin ecosystem, including a leaderboard of the top BRC-20 ordinals and additional data on BRC-20 assets, including their top holders and mint stats.

  • Launched multichain support on the Token function of the Explore mode. Now, you can search for the latest info on crypto tokens and then choose which blockchain you want to look into.

  • Updated the interface that allows users to interact with Explore and Ask modes. This update, located on the input bar, improves the user experience on Scopechat's mobile phone version.

December 18, 2023

  • Scopechat's answer cards are fully interactive, with clickable links. With this update, you can explore more information about the answers you get.

December 15, 2023

  • Added a new function to create a widget in your phone. You can now quickly access Scopechat with just one tap on the phone. For more details, please refer to the Mobile App guide.

  • Upgraded the system to support enhanced bandwidth. There will be much fewer warnings in your Scopechat journey.

December 13, 2023

  • Fixed the UX bugs that caused users to lose their selected token/project/address information if they entered Explore mode via chat history.

December 12, 2023

  • Developed tools to analyze a wider scope of token transfer data in a more user-friendly way. Now, you can comprehensively chart token flows by simply asking a question and selecting your preferred filter condition.

  • Fixed some format issues on the mobile version. Now, the interactions in the chat history and Explore mode are more intuitive.

  • Modified the answer structure to deliver more straightforward responses.

December 11, 2023

  • Modified the recommended questions. Now these questions can be more related to the current topic and lead you to the answers in a more visualized way

  • Revised the logic so that some hallucinated answers will not be generated if the current database does not support the data

  • Fixed some UX bugs to improve the format and make the product more user-friendly

December 10, 2023

  • Added more interactive links in the answer portion. Now you can click the links directly asking for the details of the address or the token, instead of needing to type new prompts.

  • Developed more information cards for better data visualization on topics such as token withdrawal and deposit information.

  • Expanded the boundary of supported ranking information. Now we have more billboards including project TVL ranking.

  • Upgraded the token transfer filter so that the related question can be answered better with more user-friendly interaction.

December 9, 2023

  • Optimize the data support range of project on-chain metrics data, such as on-chain DAU, MAU, TVL, and launched chains.

  • Upgraded Explore mode so that you can use Scopechat more efficiently. Explore mode now supports token mode, project mode, wallet & entity, knowledge hub, and trending rankings.

  • Improved the identity labels of selected addresses to provide high-quality data.

December 8, 2023

  • Enabled AI to leverage more useful crypto data, like token unlock information.

  • Added the feedback history page to help you track your feedback better.

  • Re-wrote some text to provide a clearer guide.

  • Optimized the UI and format on the mobile version so that the answers can be seen in a more user-friendly way.

December 7, 2023

  • Enabled AI to provide more detailed and complicated data, like token market cap ranks.

  • Added more feedback entries in the app. It is now easier to start providing feedback to earn extra points.

  • Added more sources with detailed token data. Both real-time data and long-term historical data can now be used to answer queries.

  • Fixed some UI and format issues so that the app is more user-friendly.

December 6, 2023

  • Expanded AI support for more token data, with the token support range increasing by 4,776 tokens.

  • Optimized the data display capabilities of Token Mode and interaction logic. Now, users can explore data using Token Mode more easily.

  • Refined UI/UX to create a more intuitive user experience and make data results easier to comprehend.

🛠️ Upcoming Fixes and Enhancements

(Update as of January 4, 2024)

  • Upgrade the question recommendation algorithm to provide better recommendations based on what you are asking and what you have asked.

  • Improve previously used prompts to enable Scopechat AI to rephrase text and give more context to the tables and answers generated.

  • Update the UI, including loading animation and fonts, for a better, more human-like user experience.

(Update as of December 2023)

  • Upgrade the database to support more specific scenarios like the CEX/DEX where the token has been listed.

  • Establish a new Scopechat Allies program to facilitate the integration of various forms of contributions from the Web3 community.

  • Provide more user guide videos that show people how to use Scopechat more effectively.

  • Scale the server infrastructure to support increased user demand and upgrade the server to enhance answer-generating speeds.

  • Improve the product performance of more languages other than English

  • Improve the AI system's ability to understand a wider range of user-generated questions and deliver more accurate answers to certain scenarios that were previously supported inadequately.

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