📚Scopechat Tutorial

The Scopechat Tutorial is a visual guide that serves as a Scopechat user's introductory walkthrough on the different features of Scopechat. This guide currently has six topics divided into two categories:

  • Guides for users who don't know what to trade (4 walkthroughs)

  • Guides for people who have a specific target token in mind (2 walkthroughs)

To start using the Scopechat Tutorial, click Tutorial on the menu panel, choose your topic of interest, and click Start Walkthrough to begin the visual guide.

You will see a pop-up window appear on the bottom-right side of your screen. Click Next to move forward to the next step of the tutorial.

You can also minimize or restore the Scopechat Tutorial at your own pace. Click the "_" button to minimize the guide. To restore the guide, click the green button at the bottom right of the interface to view the tutorial once more.

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