0xScope is the first Web3 AI Data Layer with an established and complete set of standards for collecting, cleaning, and managing relevant on- and off-chain data specifically adapted for Web3 AI training. With 0xScope, developers can quickly obtain high-quality data and use it for training and optimization of AI-powered decentralized apps. At the same time, 0xScope has trained a Web3-centric large language model (LLM) based on the 0xScope data layer and is further enriched through continuous iteration. Developers can directly train Web3 AI agents based on this model.

0xScope’s Web3 AI Data Layer will support the emerging Web3 AI industry, which unlocks the true value of Web3 through the combination of blockchain and AI. The biggest issue with blockchain is its high barrier to entry and low adoption rates, which AI technology effectively solves by increasing the efficiency of processing Web3 transactions, data, and contracts. This is a transformation that 0xScope has seen firsthand with the development of its Web3 AI Data Layer.

Meanwhile, the core of AI lies in high-quality datasets, and one of the major challenges associated with integrating AI in Web3 is the fact that Web3's data is complex with a lot of noise. This is where 0xScope’s value proposition shines, particularly in its expertise in extensive cleaning and processing of Web3 data into the high-quality datasets that Web3 AI solutions can use to develop the killer apps of the future.

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0xScope Ecosystem

0xScope created an ecosystem of AI-powered Web3 market intelligence solutions that cater to the trading portfolio growth and Web3 information needs of a wide range of audiences, from individual traders, whether casual or veteran, to companies that deal with Web3 transactions and innovations.

Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered assistant for crypto traders and users of all levels, from beginner to expert. Backed by 0xScope's wide-coverage, high-quality data warehouse, AI-driven algorithm, and the power of its large language model (LLM), Scopechat leverages public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in.

Scopescan is an on-chain data analytics platform that allows the creation of real-time profiles (Entities) with meaningful connections. With Scopescan, users can discover new insights into Web3 addresses and profiles using its intuitive dashboards, query complex on-chain data points, and uncover connections, money flows, and on-chain behaviors across entities, among many others.

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ScopeAPI helps developers leverage 0xScope data and AI solutions to enrich the capabilities of the apps that they make. 0xScope's API solutions, trusted by some of the biggest and fastest-rising names in the Web3 industry, help Layer-1 and Layer-2 Web3 platforms grow by equipping them with the capability to discern real users from bot-driven ones and to understand user behavior on-chain.

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