0xScope x Mantle AI Fest User Guides

Bridge Funds to Mantle

Before joining the 0xScope x Mantle AI Fest, you will need a Mantle address with $MNT tokens for gas and some funds for interactions. This will mainly be used for the campaign's Phase 2, involving Scopechat Intent Swap transactions on Mantle.

You are also encouraged to read the Mantle docs to know more about connecting your wallet to Mantle network: https://docs-v2.mantle.xyz/users/how-to/wallet

To get $MNT tokens that you will use in the AI Fest, you can buy from Uniswap Ethereum and use the Mantle bridge or other third-party bridges to do it.

You can also buy from centralized exchanges such as Bybit and MEXC and directly withdraw to your Mantle address.

Also refer to https://www.mantle.xyz/mnt.

Welcome Week Tasks

Create a Scopechat Account & Bind Your Address

Log In Through Email

To participate in this campaign, you must create a Scopechat account first. We provide a detailed guide for you here: https://docs.scopechat.ai/getting-started/register-and-sign-in

You will also need to bind a Mantle wallet address so we can link your on-chain interactions for the AI Fest with your Scopechat account. Please make sure you bind the right Mantle wallet address for this task, because you can't change it in the middle of the AI Fest.

Log In Through Address

You can also choose to log in directly through your address. By doing this, we will create an account for you directly. If you sign up using this option, we also require you to link an email address.

Once you've completed these steps, click the "All setup completed, let's go!" button to see the list of tasks for the AI Fest.The Ai Fest page on Scopechat features the following displays on top:

  • Your Scopechat account username

  • The address you used for this campaign

  • Your mSCOPE amount

You can also see the list of tasks below those displays. We will reveal two more sections on July 19.

Welcome Week Campaign Tasks

There are 3 types of tasks that you can finish to earn mSCOPE points: Pro Tasks, AI Fest Tasks, and Daily Tasks. You can simply expand the details with each task to check the task requirement.

We also provide a "Go" button to direct you to the exact page for you to finish the tasks. Each task will direct you to different pages. For AI Fest Tasks, we will generate a prompt that allows you to directly get answers.

Once you finish the tasks, you can go back to the page and click the "Verify" button to complete the tasks, a window will pop up to show if your verification has failed or succeeded.

Pro Tasks

Pro Tasks are exclusive to Scopechat Pro users, and they come with higher incentives that we will share soon. Sign up for Scopechat Pro here, or learn more about how to subscribe.

Task: Create 3 global alerts - 1000 mSCOPE

Clicking the Go button will lead you to the Token Alerts Page, where you can create the alerts. To know more about Global Alerts, read this guide.

Task: Add $MNT to your token alert - 1000 mSCOPE

Click the Go button, and Scopechat will directly set up an $MNT token alert popup. Unlike global alerts, token alerts track the recent events of a specific token. In this task, it is $MNT, know more about token alerts here.

AI Fest Tasks

0xScope and Mantle, with the special participation of Layer3, have set up these AI Fest tasks to highlight the Mantle ecosystem through the Scopechat AI-powered crypto trading assistant.

Task: Complete Mantle x 0xScope's AI Fest Layer3 Welcome Week Quest - 200 mSCOPE

Go to the Layer3 page for this quest and complete all steps. Make sure that the address you used on Layer3 is the same one you used in the AI Fest. Data for this task is updated daily, so you need to wait up to 1 day to finish the verification process.

Task: Know more about Mantle Network and its ecosystem through Scopechat - 100 mSCOPE

This task requires you to ask about the Mantle network and its ecosystem through Scopechat. As a response, Scopechat will list Mantle's network & ecosystem data.

Task: Stake $ETH for $mETH on Ethereum using Scopechat intent - 100 mSCOPE

This task requires users to leverage Scopechat's AI intent feature to initialize ETH staking on Mantle for mETH. We will create a prompt for you, and as a response, Scopechat will identify your intent and allow you to connect your wallet and confirm the transaction.

We directly call Mantle's official staking contract on Ethereum, so there are no additional risks.

Daily Tasks

To incentivize sustainable usage of Scopechat, we lined up 2 simple tasks that you can complete every day.

Task: View 2 token dashboards - 20 mSCOPE per day

Click on at least 2 different token dashboards. You can access these dashboards by clicking on a token in the Find Token leaderboards. Scopechat's Token Dashboard gives you a holistic view of a crypto token, from basic information to the latest AI-powered analysis, trading signals, news, opinions, and on-chain metrics.

Clicking the Go button on this task will direct you to the Find Token page, where you can select any token you want to check for information.

Task: Ask Scopechat for an AI investment report - 20 mSCOPE per day

Use Scopechat's new chat feature and request an investment report about any token. Example: Give me an investment report for the token MNT on the Mantle network. Once completed click on verify to claim your points. This task is updated daily, points not claimed within the same day will become unclaimable.

Click the Go button to start building an $MNT investment report prompt. Scopechat will then show you the most recent $MNT investment report.

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