📊Free Ask

The Scopechat Free Ask mode is a core feature of 0xScope's new AI-powered crypto trading companion. In this mode, you can get access to analysis reports on the tokens that you are interested in, as well as AI-generated answers to a wide range of Web3-related questions.

You can open the Free Ask feature by clicking Free Ask or New Chat on the menu panel on the left.

The core feature of Free Ask is the Search bar, which gives you two modes of searching for Web3 information:

Prompt Library

This function helps users create their questions using AI-generated recommendations. You can open the Prompt Library by clicking the slash button on the left part of the search bar, as shown below:

The Prompt Library helps you complete your question by suggesting prompts related to Web3 topics such as projects, rankings, tokens, and wallets/entities. Start typing your question and check the Prompt Library for question recommendations that fit your intended search.

Through the Search function, you can look for specific crypto tokens, projects, addresses, and entities.

When you click the search logo, a pop-up window will appear with Token, Project, and Wallet & Entities tabs. Click on the tab that's related to your specific search and enter the name of the token, project, wallet, or entity that you're looking for.

Once that's done, Scopechat generates an AI-powered report on your search entry. For example, when you search for the $PIXEL token, Scopechat creates a comprehensive report of that token's bullish, neutral, and bearish indicators, as well as a price chart and an AI Score for that token.

Free Ask's Prompt Library and revamped Search function can expand the scope of your Web3 research, with the help of AI-generated prompts and comprehensive answers to any Web3 question you have.

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