🛠️How to Add Tokens to Your Token Alerts Watchlist

  1. Select the Token Alerts button at the top left corner of the homepage (desktop) or the third tab at the bottom of your screen (for mobile).

2. Click on the Create Alert button and select the token you want to monitor in the popup window. You can also choose how you want to receive the alerts. Let's use $LINK as an example.

3. Once you have confirmed your chosen token and alert method, click the Add Token button. You will be redirected to the main page, where you will find the tokens that you've added to your list.

To streamline this process, we have automatically set specific token monitoring rules for you, allowing you to complete the setup within 10 seconds. Of course, you can adjust the default settings we have set for you by clicking on the Settings icon on the right side to begin customization.

Here, you can make the following two settings:

  • Determine which indicators to open/close

  • Determine the extent of these indicator changes that will trigger an alert

Once you have confirmed the details, click the Apply Changes button to confirm. You can also use the Reset to Default Settings button to restore the default settings.

By default, you will receive alerts on this feature page, but we also offer two other ways to receive alerts, through Discord and Telegram. You can set this up at the beginning when you're adding a new token to your list, or by clicking the Settings button of one of the listed tokens.

For specific instructions on how to set up Telegram and Discord alerts, check the following guides:

Telegram | Discord

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